Winning Ideas for Kids from IDEO (and another MyPlate!)

Check out this Ideo challenge that I came across while surfing the Good blog. 17 winning concepts were selected by the site community and Jamie Oliver that answered the question: “How can we raise kids’ awareness of the benefits of fresh food so they can make better choices?”

Carolina noticed a MyPlate trend going on and suggested I add this one, a handout that they use over at Children’s Hospital Healthy Hearts Clinic. I wasn’t planning on posting too many MyPlate versions, but this one ties in nicely with one of my favorite winning concepts: the healthy shopping cart.

These carts don’t look too stacking-friendly to me, but maybe it would be doable if the basket divider walls didn’t go up that high. (Edit: Actually… forget the mechanics of how carts stack up, it would be easier to use removable bins that one could pick up by the carts and return at the register. Maybe one could even just put the bins directly onto the conveyer belt for the checker, unless that’s still too much work…) If we actually had these carts in stores, people might ignore the categories, but I think this is an improvement over throwing everything together anyway. And maybe the kids can help keep their parents in line.


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