Shirley Ma

During my free time, I like to bake muffins. Lately, I have been interested in paleo specific foods. It’s hard to keep up with the low carb diet, so I mainly cook paleo dishes when I have time. I like experimenting with food such as changing the ingredients and the cooking method.

Any Hobbies?

I love exercising! My favorite activities are dancing and playing racquet sports. I have danced hip hop during high school and my freshmen year at Berkeley. Zumba is another type of dance that I have been into these past couple of years. I also enjoy playing badminton and tennis. So hit me up if you want to rally with me =]

Favorite Class So Far?

The most interesting class I have taken so far is NST 108A and 108B, which is food sciences. It’s really fun learning all the science behind food and making it. I have been learning about cooking techniques and the different types of cookware that are available in the lab portion of this class. This is a required course for all dietetic majors so you all will be able to enjoy it, that is if you haven’t taken it yet.

My advice to you is never procrastinate. Always be on top of things and start early! Manage your time wisely and make a plan for studying. I know these are all common knowledge but it’s true.

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