Sophia Wang

sophiaI was born in Alabama, but moved to San Diego, CA when I was 2, so I consider myself a Californian.
In my free time, (yes shockingly I have free time,) I enjoy going to the beach, playing ultimate frisbee and eating. You could call me a foodie and I enjoy documenting my adventures to different restaurants and my home cooked meals. Lastly, I enjoy times of fellowship with friends from my church whether it be sitting around and chatting or going to a park together.

Besides SDA, I am involved in IM Volleyball 🙂 Go IM sports! Though I am not the best at volleyball, I do enjoy spending time with friends and hopefully improving those skills. I am also part of the RCSA (Regents and Chancellor’s Scholars Association) and CSA (Chinese Student Association), in which I can have a family to spend the Chinese holidays with! In addition, I volunteer with the Chinatown Public Health Center where I helped teach little kids about nutrition through workshops last Spring.

My favorite class thus far is surprisingly Chem 1A. Though most people find it a dread, I found it fun to do the homework with floormates and friends. Because of this class, I have made many friends and I learned a lot about time management and how a study group works. It was a great way to introduce me to this campus and learn about all the great resources it has to offer.


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