Becoming a Registered Dietitian

Carolina came across Wendy Wu’s (MS, RD) blog, and I started looking through the entries and thought that her account of becoming an RD was a very interesting read and wanted to share! I also recommend checking out her blog 🙂

Happy Dietitian

By: Wendy Wu MS, RD

This post is for those of you who are considering a career as a Registered Dietitian or is interested in the process of becoming a RD.

happy dietitian


Like most other college students, I had no idea what I wanted to major in during my freshman year at Queens College. I was just happy and grateful to have gotten into the college of my choice. Going into college, I knew that I wanted a career which would allow me to help people. I didn’t know how, but I loved the social sciences so I took some introductory courses to test my appetite. Anthropology 101, Sociology 101, Psychology 101, Nutrition 101, etc. Psychology and Sociology quickly dropped out but I think it was because I had really boring professors-which in turn, made the subject really dull. I was intrigued with Anthropology and took as many classes as…

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