Cindy Ma

cindymaI am currently a second year Nutritional Science, Dietetics major at UC Berkeley. I love baking!!! Along with hiking, exercising, trying new food places of all different cultures, exploring new places, traveling, spending time with friends and family, watching Suits! Besides SDA, I am also involved in the Pilipino Association for Health Careers (PAHC) and work at Cal Dining, as well as volunteering with the Suitcase Clinic and Alta Bates.

My favorite class so far is Chinese 1Y because it’s a small class and you get to learn a new language! 🙂

Study tips:

– practice practice practice
– studying at the gym helps me memorize things better 🙂

SDA is a great student group that offers an abundance of beneficial knowledge and resources to students about nutritional science, volunteer opportunities, post-grad life, and much more! As part of the SDA team, I hope to mentor others as I have been mentored by SDA. I hope to become a great dietitian one day in order to help others help themselves live healthier and happier lives! 🙂


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