Spotlight of the Week: Vegetable Ranking from Food

It’s been a while since our last Spotlight of the week, but here’s to a long awaited fun tip/website you can explore! posted this awhile ago, rating the many kinds of fruits and vegetables on certain Recommended Dietary Allowances (RDA) each day (shown below):


Criteria for their Ranking

Lutein has eye-protection properties, while folate, one of the important vitamin Bs, is important for fetus development and thus, a pregnant woman’s diet. (It’s also in whole grains and fortified grain products, resulting in a decrease in infant/fetus mortality in the early 2000s or so).

Why the focus on Fruits & Vegetables? It has been found that just increasing ONLY half a cup of fruits and/or vegetables each day decreases the risk of cardiovascular and chronic diseases drastically, therefore saving billions and even trillions of dollars in healthcare costs for preventable diseases. (See The $11 Trillion Reward from the Union of Concerned Scientists! Pretty astounding facts!)

Here are the Superstars:

superstar vegeI’m sure it’s of no surprise that kale is the top vegetable! Rockin’ in almost all of the nutrients and beyond!

Aside from that, spinach comes second, though I’ve heard dandelion greens are the more ancient breed that has more nutrients than their selected family.

Hope you have fun exploring the chart!!! Nearly towards the end of the semester; Hang in there!!!



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