[SDA Updates] APRIL – Wrapping the School Year Up & Fruitful Minds Symposiumf

Hope everyone’s enjoying the warmth (heat?!) of April!

Here are some food and nutrition events you can look forward to, as well as super important and informative panels from SDA!

4/10 (Thu), 6-7pm, 138 Morgan – 6th Meeting – join us for some food/cooking discussion this week!

4/12 (Sat) – CAL DAY! SDA will be tabling with fellow CNR groups on the GPB Lawn. We’d love to hear and answer your questions!

4/17 (Thu), 6-7pm, 138 Morgan – 7th Meeting: Seniors’ Panel on Dietetic Internship

4/19 (Sat), 1-3pm, 2050 VLSB – Fruitful Minds Symposium: Sugar -Perspectives and Practical Approaches for Healthy Living


4/24 (Thu), 6-7pm, 138 Morgan – 8th Meeting: (Officer) Social

4/30 (Wed), CKC – Cooking 101 with Chef Daniel!

4/31 (Thu), 6-7pm, 138 Morgan – 9th Meeting: Tips on Interviews


Check Upcoming Events page for latest food/SDA news! We will also be expanding our club to focus not only on Dietetics, but also the needs of Nutritional Science students as a whole. Any opinions on how SN@C (Students Nutrition @ Cal) sound? Email ucbsda@gmail.com or come to our meetings for more exciting info!

Nearly finishing the semester guys!!! Good Luck with Telebears too!


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