National Nutrition Month 2014 March Flashback

National Nutrition Month passed us in a flash, but we had some great events!

In early March (3/8), SDA Officers Cindy and Divya tabled at Walk with a Doc at San Pablo Park! The fliers that Cindy & Kristen, our Professional Development Co-Chairs, made were a big hit, so I’ve posted them below!


NNM2014 Rate Your Plate

Food Labels SDA

Walk with a Doc also has walks across the nation! Check their website for one near you!


On 3/12, or Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) Day, we had the honor of having Cheryl Forberg, the RD from the Biggest Loser to come and speak with us at Crossroads. She is Renee’s idol, and hearing her path of becoming a dietitian and all her culinary experiences was really eye-opening. Although it does not seem like it, there is a huge medical team operating behind the Biggest Loser–physicians, RDs and counselors that support the contestants in losing weight. All of us in the room agreed that there should be more emphasis on that part, or at least a “nutrition tip of the day” section, to tie it in with real life situations.

We were also treated to dishes from her “Quinoa for Dummies” book, and they were scrumptious!!! A must-try recipe if you have a food processor! (Or motivate you to get one!!!) Renee also garnished these dishes beautifully!

Hopefully I will have a post up with more details about this event soon!


Quinoa Hummus with Veggies Platter

Quinoa Hummus with Veggies Platter

Quinoa Brownie!!! Mmmm...

Quinoa Brownie!!! Mmmm…


In the last membership meeting (3/20), we had Mayra, UCB Alumni and former SDA officer, come and talk about her internship, which she just finished. It was so nice seeing her again, and great hearing about her experiences since it’s so fresh in her mind. Good Luck with everything ahead of you Mayra!


My phone was acting up, so I couldn’t get a clear picture… Sorry Mayra! You look wonderful anyway!


Hope everyone had a great, relaxing Spring Break, and stay tuned for our next membership meeting this following Thursday (4/6)!


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