2014 BADA Mini Conference

Both BADA Mini Conferences that I have attended are great networking and educating experiences! (I went to Laguna Honda Hospital in 2012, in which they gave us a tour in their kitchen!) Although some of the experiences and topics discussed yesterday  were geared towards professionals rather than students, I think it’s very rewarding to know what is out there and some tips for the future! See below for some notes and pictures! (I also updated our Upcoming Events Page, so check it out!)

(Note: If you are a SDA member, you may view the full version here. Please email ucbsda@gmail.com if you are a member (you have paid your dues for this year) but do not have access yet.)


Mingling and eating food prepared by Tiffany, who was a guest speaker in both of our SDA Conferences, and Janice, UCB senior who volunteered at the event!

Announcement: Future Focuses of Dietitians (delivered from our Bay Area (California) delegate of the area and DPD Director Mikelle McCoin)

Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Health Informatics Infrastructure (ANDHII): pooling patient outcomes via eatright.org website (see Youtube Orientation video here)–> a research study to prove effectiveness of nutrition treatment (from RDs) to ensure payment and reimbursement under Affordable Care Act (see here & here (#9) for more info)

1.  Food Insecurity and Nutrition: Perspectives from [SF Marin] Food BankVivian Sei(?) (in place of her manager Amy Orlandi)

IMAG1479– Donate to Feed America! ($1 can provide 9 meals in this program. That’s amazing! More stats here)

– SFM Food Bank provides produce, staples/self-stable products and protein from donations (from farms, etc.)

– Also give Nutrition Education and simple nutrition tips

– CalFresh (SNAP in California) Outreach – office hours to give workshops and sign up for SNAP/EBT and also go on-site to make it more convenient for people to sign up

– Take the Hunger Challenge! ($4.50 per day on food for 5 days = SNAP experience. Not sure when it will happen this year!)

2. Food Fixation: Using Culinary Skills to Promote Self-efficacy – April Winslow, MS RD


April, the amazing speaker, and Sarah Monje, the current BADA President

– Powerful presentation on how motivation is a big factor in successful nutrition counseling.

– Listen to their problem instead of just trying to fix it. She showed this hilarious video here.

– Help them take small, baby steps before overwhelming them with the big picture.

3. Community Research: Childhood Obesity Reduction – Gretchen George, PhD, RD

IMAG1483– She does extensive research on childhood obesity through the Health Lifestyle Fitness (Summer) Camp (HLFC) in Fresno County, which you can read about here. (In addition, see more info on 2014 here and 2013 here)

– Kids are more likely to gain weight over summer than any of the other times of the year.

– Collaboration is key for RDs in research, especially with the current economy.

Nutrition Care Process (NCP) can help improve policy & procedures, and provide higher quality nutrition care. It also builds research, as previously stated above.

– Don’t just put the blame, we have the power to act and change things!

– Calorie Limit on school meals – based on NHANES and generalized – does it work for everyone?

Other News: Berkeley Unified School District lost (federal) funding for their Cooking and Garden (Class) Programs, and may face shutdown (or at the very least, decreased amount of classes). (Read more details on Daily Californian (March 18, 2013), more recently and BUSD’s Twice Yearly Report). Efforts, such as A Taste of North Berkeley at Gourmet Ghetto last November, have been made to secure more funds. Hope there will be more in the future! Can’t turn down good food either!

Lots of info and lots of good food, I don’t think anyone should miss these BADA Mini Conferences! Check for more upcoming BADA Events, and don’t forget that the next SDA meeting is on 2/20 (Thu), 6pm at 138 Morgan with our guest speaker Ashley! There’s also Cooking 101 with Chef Daniel this Thursday (2/13), 6pm at Clark Kerr for Valentine’s Day fun!


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