Spotlight of the Week: WebMD Real Life Nutrition Expert Blog

Recently I’ve been looking at the WebMD Real Life Nutrition Blog Section, and really appreciate the fact that they were written by registered dietitians. I think this is a great way to get snippets of nutrition info from a trusted source! Thanks to those who came to our first general meeting!!!

I love their most recent post–“3 Tips to Keep Your Resolution on Track.” (I have to say, this author did not have much luck these past few weeks…) People often make New Year resolutions of dieting and/or eating/living healthier, but it’s pretty hard to follow in real life, especially as busy college students. With so many food and life choices to make and obligations to meet (which may or may not include social media…), I feel like people get caught up that they forget treating yourself better is the best way for top school/work performance.

I’ll add my own two cents to the three tips, from the eyes of a college student:

“1) Revisit your goal” She mentions that it is unrealistic to cut back on all sugar, and as we are familiar with Fad diets where they cut out a food/food ingredient completely, it becomes hard to follow. With a lot of the processed food we eat these days, you may have to doubt the bread you are buying! I think it’s better to take it easy, such as not adding as much sugar to your coffee (if you do). Your taste buds will slowly adjust to less sweet foods/drinks! Baking your own pastries/desserts can also cut back on sugar. I always use recipes as a guide, since I often cut back to less than half the amount of sugar called for–it still tastes fine to me!

“2) Find a Different Source of Motivation” Although exercise helps lose weight and maintain health, think about other factors/ways–

  • exercise stimulates the growth of muscle as well as brain. (Read more here, which was actually an article for my NST 104 class!)
  • exercise = endorphins = happiness = less stress! (As more people know)
  • I think maintaining a good circadian rhythm helps concentration in class, so I’m going to stick to that! Exercise also helps with sleep if you’re a bit of a insomniac like I am.
  • find a fun class at the RSF, such as dancing, yoga, or boxing! Which brings us to…

“3) Check the enjoyment factor” Though I love jogging, I do not really like going to the gym and it’s currently too cold to jog outside and not get a cold. (I don’t know how some people do it, but they’re amazing.) I like to dance at home, which is much more flexible on schedule and is fun for me. You can also find your favorite music and do crazy moves to it! I think running (hopefully not too late) to class is also a great bonus to being on the UC Berkeley campus, with hills and obstacles to every location… Although it might be tempting to ride a bus (especially with our bus passes) to Haas if you live on the west side, walking is quite relaxing through campus with all the greens we have!

The final note may be just to appreciate and cherish ourselves and our bodies by eating more fruits and veggies and the better choice! (And cut back on added sugars and chips!) Scroll down that WebMD blog list for more interesting nutrition-related news, policies and tips!


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