[SDA Updates] Late NOVEMBER Fun!

SDA has two GREAT and EDUCATIONAL events–the Dietetic Conference and Screening of “A Seat at the Table”–before Thanksgiving arrives and give us a reprieve from all our hard work! Congrats on making through most of the semester!!!

11/ 19 (Tuesday), 6-9PM, 174 BarrowsDietetics Conference.

SDA has invited several respected dietitians from the Bay Area to share their education paths, careers and what it means to be a Registered Dietitian. Light refreshments will be provided, and the cost is $2 for SDA members and $3 for non-members (mainly to cover the food served). If you have any questions about the event, or anything you would like to know from the dietitians, please feel free to email ucbsda@gmail.com. Join us for an informative night!

11/21 (Thursday), 7-9:30pm, possibly 174 Barrows but stay updated with us here!FREE Screening of “A Seat at the Table”

Want to learn more about hunger, food insecurity and the Food Justice Movement in the U.S.? Join us for the FREE screening of “A Seat at the Table”!


Check back for the room confirmation for the screening, and it’ll be great if we see you at both events!


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