Happy November!

Wow, November is officially in full swing which means it is officially holiday season! Daylight savings ends in a couple hours meaning we “gain” an extra hour.

This means an extra hour for studying….. okay, more like sleeping. 🙂 As we approach the middle of the semester I know that the lack of sleep from late night study sessions and crazy nights (ahem, Halloween, anyone?) are beginning to take a toll on my body. With the time change it is important to take advantage of the extra hour and catch up on some needed Z’s.

Catching up on sleep not only means jumping in bed earlier, but also fueling your body with the right foods! Some sleepy time foods to stock up on this fall include:

  • Turkey and foods rich in vitamin B6 (needed to make melatonin, a sleep inducing hormone)
  • Bananas (also high in vitamin B6)
  • Yogurt and calcium rich dairy products (calcium deficiency hinders sleep!)
  • Cherry juice (melatonin rich!)

It’s never too late to hit up Trader Joe’s to stalk up on these nomz!



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