Spotlight of the Week: Food Day Resources

October has started, and Food Day is on October 24, 2013! I’d just like to bring to your attention some sources, from the UC Eat Real Pledge to the national Food Day website.

Food Day is a national movement to promote healthy, affordable, and sustainable food. On 10/24 (Thu), Cal Dining & the Tang Center has organized events on Upper Sproul, and SDA will also be tabling with Eat Well Berkeley & screening a nutrition documentary.


What are the Food Day priorities?

  • Promote nutrition–safer, healthier diets
  • Supporting sustainable, organic agriculture
  • Reduce hunger
  • Reform factory farms to protect the environment and farm animals
  • Support fair working conditions for food and farm workers

From the Tang Center:

“On [Thursday], October 24, 2013 UC Berkeley and all UC campuses will participate in Food Day, the nationwide campaign promoting healthy, delicious, and affordable food prepared in a sustainable and humane way.”

They will invite various vendors and plan fun events, so be sure to stop by Upper Sproul! They encourage student organizations with missions related to Food Day to table around the area, so please set-up early to get a spot! More details to be confirmed later!

Here are various resources to learn more about Food Day:

Food – the primary resource for Food Day information, including resources you can utilize for your event. (Renee, the Cal Dining Dietitian is in one of the front page pictures!)

Tang Center Page about Food Day 2013 on UC Berkeley – UC Berkeley plans for that day (Note that it should be Thursday, not Wednesday!)

UC Eats Real Pledge 2013 – eat Real, Sustainable food that day!

UC Food Blog – interesting articles about our food system from the UC System

14 Questions – measure how sustainable and healthy your weekly diet is. You may be surprised at the results!


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