[SDA Updates] OCTOBER! 10/8 Meeting @6PM!!!

Thanks to all those who submitted a SDA Committee Application! We’d love to work with you soon, especially with the exciting month of October!

I’ve also added a few CNR/PAL events, which may help all the students since Telebears is creeping up on us (begins Oct. 21)!

1 more day of Advising at the DC by CNR Major Advisors & PAL!
10/3 (Thu), 5-7pm @ Cafe3  with Elizabeth (MEB major advisor)

10/8 (Tue), ***6-7PM @ 138 Morgan – Meeting #3: Guest Speaker Kristen Rasmussen, MS, RD. UCB Lecturer for NST 104 and 108A! She will be sharing her background with us, and talking about her Distant Dietetic Internship, so please join us to learn more about it (and to meet Kristen! She’s awesome!)

10/15 (Tue) or 16 (Wed), 11AM-2PM – PAL Telebears Advising. Ask away about choosing classes while we enjoy snacks together!

Week of 10/24FOOD DAY tabling!

SDA + EatWell10/24 (Thu)FOOD DAY! SDA Tabling + Nutrition Documentary Screening! SDA will be partnering up with Eat Well to table during Food Day! Eat Well Berkeley is part of the Health*Matters Program to help students, professors, faculty, staff and residents of Berkeley make healthy food and beverage choices on and around campus. They have set nutrition guidelines for various food items and services, and put a check mark if it meets the standards. (Find it on the vending machines!) Visit the Facebook Page and Tang Center Page to learn more about their icons and symbols!

10/30 (Wed), 5PM @260 Mulford Hall – PAL Movie Night: Coraline. Join us for some Halloween fun and food! And really, why wouldn’t you want to know your Peer Advisor Leaders?

Until next week’s meeting!


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