[Event] Get Your Food On! Game Night!

Thanks to everyone who came to GYFO Game Night! It was a nice social with lots of great gluten-free (or “gluten-free”) food!

The Alumni House isn’t the most familiar or easiest place to find, but you guys made it!

IMAG0870We also had some great food–completely gluten-free, contaminated gluten-free and gluten!

The "Gluten" Table: Kale Salad, pizza from Tivoli's Cafe and "Gluten-Free" Vegan Brownies

The “Gluten” Table: Kale Salad, (regular) pizza from Tivoli Caffe and “Gluten-Free” Vegan Brownies


The “Gluten-Free” table: Mariposa Bakery’s cupcakes and baguettes, Sista Sandwich and the was-once-there-but-disappeared-in-seconds gluten-free, vegan pizza from Tivoli!

I say “gluten-free,” because it was made in my very gluten-contaminated kitchen. (View Recipes Here) Even if you wash your appliances, there may still be traces of gluten remaining on the counter, utensils and other dishware. Tivoli has special arrangements for their gluten-free pizzas, so people with Celiac’s Disease can safely eat their gluten-free pizzas. Apparently the gluten-free and vegan pizzas were a hit!

Most sincere thanks to the following organizations for their donations and making this event possible:

ASUC funding through LEAD Center

Berkeley Student Food Collective

Mariposa Bakery

Sista Sandwich

Tivoli Caffe

Finally, Thanks to all the SDA officers and glutenX board members for organizing the event, as well as people who socialized with us! Congrats to the raffle prize winners!

Special special thanks to Sophia, one of our SDA officers, who helped at the event even though it was her birthday! YOU.ARE.AWESOME!


All of us sang Happy Birthday to Sophia!

IMAG0882Hope to see you at our next meeting! (Sept. 24 6:30PM @138 Morgan Hall)


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