What’s Up in SEPTEMBER?

September! The month where all the excitement starts, yet a prelude to scary midterm season… Join SDA for the excitement, and you can also moan about your sorrows by the end of the month! What’s coming up?

Sept. 9 (Mon), 9-11PM – Get Your Food On! Game Night

@Alumni House (Silbey Room)

A social with games, prizes and free food! We’re hosting the event with glutenX: The gluten-Free Alliance, so most of the food will be gluten-free! I am also planning to make a few dishes, but my kitchen and other equipments are all contaminated… Nevertheless, you can look forward to gluten-free baked goods and sandwiches donated from Mariposa Bakery and Sista Sandwich, both of which have gluten-free facilities! The Berkeley Student Food Collective has also donated their goods towards the event, so please look forward to them!!! Silbey Room is at the basement of the Alumni House, and we’ll have people directing you to the location. RSVP & come early!

GYFO BothSides

Sept. 10 (Tue), 6:30PM – 1st General Meeting

@138 Morgan Hall

Get to meet the officers, other members and anyone interested in nutrition! Come to learn what the club is all about!


Sept. 24 (Tue), 6:30PM – 2nd General Meeting: Physiology & Metabolism v.s. Dietetics Panel

@138 Morgan Hall

Nutrition Science-P&M or NS-D??? Which track should I take? We’re planning to answer that in our 2nd meeting! We’ll confirm the details closer to the date, but hopefully you’ll be armed with questions about the major. Even if you’re already declared, you can hear about the other fun classes that others have taken and their career goals!


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