Spotlight of the Week: The Happiness in Health

SotW is back! Welcome back to the third installment–The Happiness in Health by RD Jessie!

Hope everyone’s semester is starting off well, and in midst of lectures, homework and quizzes (already?!), I’d like to introduce a site that taught me a lot of Food Service Management Dietitians and other great information: The Happiness in Health – becoming an RD.

THiH Homepage Screenshot

THiH Homepage Screenshot

Jessie tells a lot of her daily life, but you can also find what she does in the Service section. A site/blog like this is great when you’re searching for employment, as it shows employers what you’ve done, and we students can also learn from their experience. Although there’s not a lot, she welcomes people to email her to learn more! I haven’t read all her wonderful recipes and other pages, but have fun browsing!

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