[Tabling] Calapalooza + 1st Gen & Game Night Comin’ Up!

Thanks to those who visited us on Calapalooza! We were actually on the opposite side of GBC, sorry about the mistake!

We got a great spot, so had fun tabling/baking in the sun… Thanks to Shirley’s sunblock, I didn’t get fully sunburned! Here are some pictures:

VP Shirley & President Divya!

VP Shirley & President Divya!

Kathy in the middle!

Kathy in the middle!

Hopefully everyone will be excited to meet the SDA officers next Tuesday (9/10), 6:30PM in 138 Morgan! (We said 101 Morgan at some point in time, but it’s 138!!!

Some featured creatures around our table:

Adorable (huge) dog!

Adorable (huge) dog!

Penguin suit looks hot!

Penguin suit looks hot!

Get Your Food On! Game Night is happening next Monday (9/9), 9-11PM in Alumni House (Silbey Room), so tune in & RSVP at the Facebook Event Page for more info!!!


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