Fall 2013 Approaching! What’s Up with SDA Now and in This Semester?

Welcome to the (approaching) Fall 2013 semester! Although there’s still about two weeks before school starts, I’ll just do a checklist and brief overview of the semester!

Checklist for the start of a new school year:

✔ Make sure you’ve paid for your tuition (it’s already due on August 15 I believe… but it’s always a good place to start!)

Telebears: The scramble for classes & units!

  • If you’re waitlisted for a class, don’t panic (yet). People are more than likely to drop classes in the within the first one and a half weeks.
  • Speaking from experience, visiting the department offices would most likely increase your chances of getting into a class. However, they’re likely swamped with students during the first few weeks.
  • Talk to your advisor if you’re still having trouble! I’m sure they can provide many other tips!

✔ Meet with your advisor for any questions about your coursework schedule. You can always talk to your major advisor about possible extracurricular activities with your corresponding course load!

✔ Check the Cal Student Store for textbooks for your course.

  • Currently, Telebears and the Cal Student Store are not really connecting properly, so you may not see all the textbooks required for your courses. (For instance, the Purchase Books link from my Telebears only listed the required materials for my UGBA 102A, even though my other 2 NST classes also announced the required books). You’ll have to check one by one. Tip: use the CCN to be faster!
  • Note that some courses, such as Chem 1A, may not really require the actual textbook but just the accompanying software–such as OWL and Mastering (enter subject name). However, physical (looseleaf) textbooks always come in handy since you can  bring a few pages with you to study any time on-campus!
  • Ninja Courses would generously list and compare prices for textbooks from your Saved Schedules, including Buy New, Buy Used and Rent. Amazon may also have cheaper International Versions available (papercover compared to the usual hardcovers sold in the store). I personally prefer Chegg for renting, since they come in nice boxes for you to receive and return. (HOWEVER, that’s just my personal preference… ask around for other people’s thoughts!) Unfortunately, there’s a slight delay right now, since the required materials have just been posted.

✔ Print out your weekly class schedule for the semester and then fill it in with other activities. Plan study periods (though you may not always follow it…), groceries shopping/cooking times, etc. etc.

These are some of the main points for classes. As for Events and other fun activities… see below!

UC Berkeley & Tentative SDA Events:

Our cute T-Shirt design!

Our cute T-Shirt design!

For Welcome Week Events, visit that link to see more! I’m just going to list some CNR- and SDA-related events here!

8/23 Update: 8/25 (Sun) & 8/26 (Mon):

10AM – 4PM Caltopia @ RSF with heaps of exhibitors and free stuff! Have fun there!

8/27 (Tue):

10 – 11AM: CNR Welcome Day Program(?) The location is listed as 2040 VLSB in the Welcome Week website.

11:30AM – 1:30PM: CNR Welcome Day Lunch on the south side of Mulford for newly admitted students! Visit the SDA table for more info and day of our First General Meeting!

8/29 (Thu): FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL Put on our thinking caps!

3:30 – 7PM: Calapalooza on Upper & Lower Sproul (near Sather Gate)!

9/9 (Mon): 9 – 11PM Get Your Food On Game Night at Silbey Room in the Alumni House!

Join glutenX and SDA for a night of fun and nutritious & gluten-free food! Catch more details & RSVP on our Facebook event page!!!

9/10 (Tue) or 9/12 (Thu): 6:30 – 7:30PM SDA’s First General Meeting at 138 Mulford!

We’re not sure of the day yet, but we’ll be sure of it by Calapalooza (and I’ll also be updating on this site)! Join us to learn more about SDA, what we do and meet the awesome officers! (Also yummy snacks available!!!) Biweekly meetings will continue in the same day, time and place!

10/24 (Thu): Food Day! SDA will definitely be doing something fun! Last year we did a few cooking demo during the week with Ida and Renee from CalDining!

Sometime During November: SDA Conference! It’s part of the plan, and we’ll see how it goes! Last year we collaborated with the SFSU and Santa Rosa Junior College and invited guest speakers (dietitians in BADA) to share about their DI and career experiences! Hopefully we’ll see even more people next year!

Stay tuned for more info!


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