Congrats everyone!!

Rhymes_with_Orange_20120527_large I haven’t posted in a while so hope no one really missed me here at the SDA blog… this is my last post, but I know Eve and our networking crew will add more great content next year 🙂 looking forward to reading about what SDA comes up with next year in the hands of our very capable officers!

What can I say in closing… I wrote an advice entry at the beginning of the year, so that’s done. How about some last words about printing? The CNR resource center is good for small jobs, like forgetting to print out your homework. For a small number of color copies, I’d go to Replica. For a large print job, try Copygrafik. And for posters, Zee Zee is pretty competitive (and they have a discount with the class pass!). Don’t go to Zee Zee for other printing because they charge you for computer use and just printing one color copy can come out to a few bucks. There’s other printing at the OSC or something apparently but I never looked into that either… ANYWAY. Good thing I wasn’t the commencement speaker, right? Keep that GPA up y’all and don’t forget to explore what Berkeley has to offer 😀 And as every speech at Berkeley ends– Go Bears!


One response to “Congrats everyone!!

  1. I’m gonna miss you and all of the graduates! Love the pic!

    I’ve never tried printing at most of those places… haha~ (except CNR Resource Center and been to Replica and OSC for other stuff…)

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