CNR Commencement – Congrats to the Graduating Officers!

CONGRATULATIONS to all the seniors on your graduations, especially to the senior officers who have worked long and hard for SDA!


(from left to right: Good ol’ me with the graduates–Jessica (Co-President), Mayra (BADA Rep), Carolina (Co-President))


(from left to right: Jessica, Carolina, Yuvadee (Publicity), Victoria (the cutest person around!))

Took lots and lots of pictures with the graduating officers! (This was just before the CNR Commencement). I feel honored to have known these wonderful and successful people for half of their college life, and hope that they’ll also enjoy the next stage (Dietetic Internship and/or Masters) of their lives!

I am also becoming a Peer Advisor for the next school year (and hopefully more!), so I hope to see y’all around the CNR Resource Center!

Congratulations to Jessica, Carolina, Mayra, Yuvadee and Ruth! (To Ruth: sorry I didn’t go to your commencement! Join us sometime next semester!)

Thank you so much, and wish you the Best of Luck! =D

One of my gifts to them for being so wonderful!

(See more pics from the CNR Commencement below!)


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