3rd Cooking Demo: Thai Feast! Basil Fried Rice and Spinach with Garlic!

Thank you to everyone who joined our 3rd cooking demo @ Cafe 3~~~~~~~ Especially the people that I saw from the past few weeks too!


We’re in the middle of Cafe 3!!!


In this cooking demo led by Chef Mary Ferrer, we actually used SPECIAL pans for this Thai Feast… Woks!

I didn’t even know these existed in the middle of Cafe 3! As you can see on the right, they’re the ones that you’d imagine seeing in Chinese/Cantonese restaurants. The pan can turn really hot–perfect for quick stir-fry/any dishes!

Suwonnee is actually from Thailand, so she showed us Thai Style Basil Fried Rice & Spinach with Garlic! She wished she’d had other ingredients, such as oyster sauce, Thai chili and shrimp paste(?), to make it more authentic, but they are not allowed to have it due to the allergens and non-plant ingredients present. But ’tis cooking–you cook with what you have!

CalDining Manager Frank/Sean??? who joined is demanded sunny-side-ups (a.k.a. real eggs) with fried rice, hence….


Sunny-Side-Up on Basil Fried Rice & Spinach with Garlic!

Although the first batch was cooked with white rice, brown rice is a more nutritious choice! Brown Rice has the added benefit of fiber in the bran, and nutrients such as vitamin B12 in the germ!


Thai Basil (Edamame) Fried Rice

Suwonnee, the stir-fry master of the wok...!

Suwonnee, the stir-fry master of the wok…!

Fish Sauce (if no one is allergic to fish!)
Jalapeno (or even better, Thai Chili!)
(Thai) Basil
Salt & Pepper
Spring Onion

  1. Heat the pan with oil, and add garlic & onion (the aromatics!)
  2. Toss in the cooked rice to coat with oil.
  3. Move the rice to one side of the pan and cook the scrambled egg on the other. Mix the rice & egg together when the egg is about halfway done.
  4. (Optional) Add in lots of vegetables! ;D
  5. Season your fried rice with tamari, fish sauce, jalapeno, lettuce, salt & pepper, and lots of basil!
  6. Add in some spring onions as you toss the fried rice.
  7. Serve in bowls and top with spring onions.
  8. (Optional) Fry a sunny-side-up and top it on if you don’t mind a bit more protein & cholesterol!


Thai Style Spinach with Garlic


(Other ingredients you can also consider adding: oyster sauce & Thai Chili)

  1. In a mixing bowl/plate, put jalapenos and garlic on top of the washed spinach, and then add tamari & water.
  2. Heat the oil in the pan. Wait until the pan is very hot.
  3. Add all the ingredients in and stir-fry!
  4. Serve after the spinach has softened to a desired texture. (Don’t cook it for too long, otherwise nutrients will be lost!



Look at the steam!

We don’t know why, but this way of cooking spinach made it taste so good! Although it caused quite a commotion, the dumping of spinach and seasoning was fantastic! I wonder if it’s because of the large pan? Renee says that “This is the bomb-diggity!” and one of the other students who joined us  said that “It was worth the scare.”

We also had to wear hair nets! I looked kinda funny in one. XP

We also had to wear hair nets! I looked kinda funny in one. XP

For the second batch, they asked if any one of us wanted to try cooking with the wok…. so I did! The most difficult part of it was being able to use your left hand for stirring, especially with such a big batch of food. Of course, the benefit and fun part about it was also that you have this huge pot in front of you, and you look like a chef making fried rice!

Interesting side note: This is  unrelated to the cooking demo, but Renee also mentioned that almond milk is a better alternative to milk than soy milk. Soy may cause goiter (enlarged thyroid due to low iodide levels) and contains estrogen-mimicking molecules.

Spring Break has started and March, the National Nutrition Month, will be coming to an end! Feel kinda sad that this is the last food demo, but hopefully this helped you guys cook wholesome meals! Enjoy your Spring Break, take the chance to rest, and eat healthy!


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