NST 135

One of my favorite upper div NST classes has to be NST 135. The class is a requirement for Dietetics students, but non-dietetic students can take it too! Before taking the class, I was intimidated by the duration of each class. On Mondays, lecture is two hours while on Wednesdays, the lecture is four hours. Now, however, the class doesn’t seem that bad. They say “time passes when you’re having fun” and I think that’s true. The class is very informational with lecture and discussion-based curriculum on Mondays, and field trips and project-based activities on Wednesdays. There are two midterms and no finals! The class emphasizes not only information retention, but also application. It is definitely a refreshing change from the general requirement science and nutrition classes I’ve been taking so far. The class definitely fanned my passion for dietetics, because it reminds me of why I loved dietetics in the first place. I have a midterm for this class on Monday. That’s in two days! I guess I’ll be posting again after midterm season dies down.

One more thing before I go, I updated my last post with pictures of the food I brought to the potluck! Go check them out!


7 responses to “NST 135

  1. I want to take that class too!!! It’s only offered in spring though… I’ll have to wait until next year… =(((((((((((((((((

  2. there weren’t any midterms when I took the class, just projects 🙂 but glad you’re enjoying it with kristen!

  3. Hi,
    I’m considering taking this course with Dr. Rasmussen for Sp ’14. Although I’m not a NutriSchi major(IB Track 2), I’ve taken NST 10 and highly interested in this field. If you have time, can you please answer my inquiries regarding this class?
    1) What is the “Field Work” format like? What activities do you do
    2) The above response states that there are no midterms, only projects. Is that true? If so, what kinds of project?
    3) Is there any required reading material?


    • For “field work,” I believe they visit Food Service Sites, kitchens, etc. Apparently you only need to pass the ServSafe Certification test for NST 135.

      I’m actually going to take NST 135 and NST 104 next semester myself, because it is part of the Dietetics Curriculum. If you haven’t phase I-ed NST 104 already, you may not get in, as it is a very popular class and priority goes to students in Dietetics. If I haven’t answered all of your questions or you want to learn more, feel free to email ucbsda@gmail.com and I can ask the other officers who have taken these classes!

    • Hello,
      NST135 and 104 are both great classes! for 135, you’d have to phase1 it if youre not part of the dietetics major though. last year, only 3 or 4 non-majors got in.
      Fieldwork is quite simple and fun, like going to a restaraunt and evaluating their menus. however, there are also bigger projects like working for caldining for a week and making a presentation and report on a cooking equipment they use and on a recipe they use.
      It is a fun, very hands-on class and you get to learn a lot. There are midterms for this class, a final project, and no final.

      in nst104, lots of cuisines from different countries are explored. and kristen talks about potatoes a lot in this class haha. there are around 4 assignments. there are midterms for this class.

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