Apartment Criteria

What follows is not actually a guide to finding an apartment.. It’s more like a list of criteria or characteristics of the apartment to consider when you’re checking the place out. And it’s a list very specific to things I look for presented in the order I find most important, but it might be worth sharing anyhow. Let’s just say that I’ve had my share of unfortunate living conditions and that I’ve moved every year and summer (not always because of the living conditions, by the way). Moving that frequently actually trained me well to own less stuff and be more efficient every time. But anyway, happy hunting!

10. Layout

9. Adequate counter space

8. Noise and neighbors

7. Stairway & elevator

6. Laundry & garbage

5. Windows (for ventilation, esp in bathroom, and sunlight, esp where your desk is)

4. Air and ventilation

3. Screens on the windows and insect issues

2. Mold issues

1. Location and security


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