What Food to Bring to a Potluck

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Hello all! I’m a new blogger for SDA. This is going to be my first of the many more posts to come!

This weekend is President’s Day weekend. My friends and I decided to have a potluck. Everyone had an idea of what they would make, from baked chicken drumsticks to kimchi fried rice. That’s when I noticed no one was bringing appetizers. Through my days volunteering for Sprouts Cooking Club, while helping the kids bake and cook, I’ve also learned a lot from the chefs who teach these kids. We’ve made yummy Gougeres, egg in a basket, meringue pies, and fruit salads.

I ended up making meringue cookies, croissants, gougeres, cherry tomato-mozarella kebabs, and a fruit salad toped with yogurt and shortbread (as the sweet version of croutons I guess?).

It took me an hour to make the meringue cookies because I didn’t have an electronic beater. The croissants had to be done the night before, because they require refrigeration and proofing. For the gougeres, I was planning to use parmesan cheese instead of gruyere cheese because gruyere is too hard to find. But luckily, the day of the potluck, I made a trip to the local Safeway and found gruyere cheese! The gougeres definitely became the seller of the potluck. The kebabs and fruit salads were light, yummy, and easy to make. All in all, my friends were impressed by how well I baked since I’ve never baked for them before. I’m not going to lie–it made me feel pretty happy and proud. I was also impressed by how well all of my friends can cook. The meal was extremely fulfilling and delicious and there were barely any leftovers.

From this, I’ve learned that through volunteering, we’re not really only helping others. We’re also in the process of learning and helping ourselves. Even if we don’t realize the skills we’ve acquired through volunteering, these experiences do help with little things that pop up in our daily lives.


One response to “What Food to Bring to a Potluck

  1. Yay, first post!! Welcome to the blog 🙂

    Usually for potlucks people just bring one dish, but then you made 5… I’m impressed. it all sounds really delicious, but where are the pictures?! hehe.

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