AND elections and positions

I wasn’t actually planning on voting, but then I was in such a procrastinating mode that I did. How does that even work? Goes to show that sending a lot of e-mails can be effective. Anyway, the link is: for if you’re an AND member.  It was interesting to skim through everyone’s bios and answers to the questions to see what kinds of issues are on peoples’ minds, which goes along with my last post. I wasn’t actually keeping track, but I would say from initial impressions that people are most interested in (not in any particular order)

  • dietetics education
  • more internship capacity
  • recognition as the nutrition expert
  • evidence and guidelines
  • diversity and minorities in the profession

If you’re really interested in any of these topics or others, it might be worth your time to put someone vocal about that in office with a few mouse clicks!



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