AND Webinar: the dietetics profession in the future

Last semester, I attended a webinar from the AND about the dietetics profession going forward and I thought I’d share my notes. Even I don’t remember anything really in detail so I can’t expand much on these bullet points if you asked me to, but looking them over, there are still some interesting insights. In a nutshell, the webinar describes factors that will impact the profession, the current change environment and predicted future, and how you can be a successful dietetics practitioner in that future. You might be able to predict this already, but basically, it will become more necessary to fight for yourself and create value by developing your skills, being aware of what’s going on and recognizing opportunities and needs, and building good relationships. If you stick around the profession, you’ll probably be hearing about these topics for a long time to come. I was attending this webinar on my phone, by the way, and the display wouldn’t move the slides along so these are just some things I jotted down as I was listening.

Part I. Impact for change on the profession

High Impact
-Aging population: geriatrics
-Education for workforce:

  • dietetics education visibility to minorities and more flexibility
  • seamless to CE

-Interdisciplinary teaming:

  • emotional intelligence
  • leadership
  • competencies blurred and redefined
  • team leader, care coordinator

-Personalized nutrition evolves:

  • testing identifies prevention
  • sports & geriatrics

-Population risk factors & nutrition initiatives:

  • public priority
  • health disparities
  • multiple providers
  • population-based strategy

Medium impact:

  • recruit more diversity
  • partner with community leaders to understand root causes


  • career mobility
  • business & leadership skills
  • migration

-Technology & nutrition counseling

  • manage own diet
  • improved automation and information delivery
  • continuous learning, high value services

-Healthcare reform

  • boost access to dietetics
  • some recognized as value providers–other people will be providing care too
  • treatment ->prevention
  • model, more population-based

Low impact:
-food industry responds to public priorities

  • healthier and sustainable
  • consumer acceptance
  • dietitians not seen as food service
  • environmental interest in food

Other notes:

-Personalized medicine and personalized prevention of diseases
-Socio-ecological model and dietetics professions-prevention
-High probability projection–

  • other providers take over roles dietitians could play in the aging population
  • overproduction
  • aging population, healthcare reform, food industry, chronic disease affect demand
  • need to market credential, increase DI and opportunities for students
  • will be able to meet demand

-Change environment:

  • individuals need to manage their own career opportunities
  • take charge of your career-set goals and move forward
  • develop a sense of awareness and monitor where things are
  • make opportunities
  • leadership skills-e.g. leadership training program
  • redefine skills
  • build respect
  • strive for excellence
  • passionate

Part II. Career management
-Become an influencer

  • bigger picture, business skills, civic engagement
  • be a giver, create value

-Relationships: ability to work with people, self-regulation & awareness–how you come across, good social skills, empathy, motivation, interdisciplinary teams, create messages so people understand
-Technical expertise: evidence-based practice, specialty certification, lifelong learning, actively participate in Academy at all levels, graduate degree, support state license efforts

Part III: Final comments
-Characteristics for the future: adaptable, resilient, risk taker, move quickly and reassess
-AND: revamp education model, seamless training model, diverse membership, monitor trends, help members’ careers, move profession forward, increase supply of DTR, take risks and move quickly–a shared responsibility, not just the organization
-Think futurisitically


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