a list of lessons learned

I was going to say that it’s advice coming from a relatively seasoned second semester senior, but I’ll fess up that I actually wrote this at the end of junior year and each of these bullet points arose throughout my college career up to that point. So.. I thought I might as well post it now, and then at the start of this semester I can remind myself also of lessons I’ve learned while sharing them with you all.

10. Your loss could be someone else’s gain. You can’t win them all.

9. There is an advantage to every position. Recognizing this will give you humility and the ability to respect and have compassion for yourself and those around you.

8. If you’ve done everything you can do, there is nothing to regret. Keep it moving.

7. Make calendars or lists to budget your procrastination.

6. Study early and study often.

5. Hit the ground running.

4. Do not live by fear.

3. Look more than two ways before crossing the street.

2. Find the study habits that work for you: outlines, typing up your notes, copying lectures, organizing your notes, annotation, flashcards, reviewing slides repeatedly, charts… the study habit that works for everyone: doing as many practice tests as possible.

1. It’s a roller coaster ride, and you’re not getting off. The highs are high and the lows can be very low… brace yourself.


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