Sunsets at Cal


It would seem that everyone has their favorite sunset watching and picture-taking spot in Berkeley; the Big C, the Marina, Indian Rock Park, the end of Hearst, the top of Claremont Canyon Firetrail, to name a few… but you can witness some breathtaking sunsets just walking around. I realized that I don’t even stop to take pictures most of the time.. this day was an exception. I stepped out of lecture at 5 PM last year, and as you can see, the sunset stopped multiple people in their tracks. There’s one of these practically every day.. make sure you notice! Just another thing to love at Cal.

…And that’s it for SDA this semester. If you’ve been reading my blogs, I thank you.. hope you found something interesting or learned a thing or two :] Good luck with the rest of the semester everyone! By the way, the SDA Conference was pretty amazing. Eve should be updating about it soon!


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