Exploring at Cal

The first time I viewed the topography of Berkeley and surrounding East Bay regional parks on Google Maps, I felt like a world opened up to me. I grew up in the East Bay but was never really aware of the miles of trails nearby. Here in Berkeley, many of these trails are quite literally in your backyard or up the street. It’s an aspect of Berkeley that you don’t hear about too much but once you’ve done some exploring, you’ll realize how amazing this spot on the globe is and not look at the city in the same way.

Navigating on Google Maps is a great way to check out your surroundings, but also look at the East Bay Parks website for more information about each park and detailed trail maps. Someday I want to do the 32 mile one that starts at Wildcat Canyon and continues south through many East Bay parks.

Claremont Canyon

If hiking’s not your thing, there are many runs and walks around here as well. I recommend mapmywalk.com if you like tracking your route and also to look at the Berkeley Pathfinders website here because there are stairways and pathways scattered throughout the city that you can only access by foot. Berkeley also has a unique collection of parks where you can hike, boulder, admire roses, or play sports.

Indian Rock Park

I started my own blog with some local walks and hikes, gwwme.wordpress, which might be a good place to start exploring if you don’t know where to go. Grab water and a friend and see what the East Bay has to offer!


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