Inactivity Pandemic Infographic

Instead of thinking about the (lack of, in many cases) time you spend doing physical activity, you might want to consider how much physical inactivity, or sedentary activity, you are getting. It is easier to multitask while lounging around in sedentary activity, but considering the number of hours you can afford to be spent lying or sitting down is still pretty striking.

Allison Morris reached out to us about an infographic she helped design about physical inactivity and thought that the readers of our site would be interested in! Scroll through for a summary of some key statistics on exercise and inactivity. She writes:

Currently, I’m working with a small team of designers, and we build and design graphics for Internet resource sites. Our primary goal with these pieces is to be able to make a connection between visualization and learning. That said, our most recent piece specifically details how physical inactivity is now the largest public health crisis in our society and how a little bit of exercise can make all the difference.



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