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Whether you recently found out about our site or are returning to see what’s new, thanks for visiting the SDA blog! The blog is sporting a new look and format for the 2012-2013 school year, so hopefully you’ll find the site useful and easy to navigate.

Throughout the year you’ll find SDA news, articles or interviews about nutrition professionals, posts about student life and experiences, and more. You’ll probably be hearing from me a lot, but since it’s my last year, I might as well put my two cents in while I’m here. The Twitter feed on the left will provide updates about upcoming events and highlight some noteworthy blog posts. We’ll also be tweeting random but interesting nutrition-related tidbits.

If you’re interested to contribute the blog, just let me know! You can do this by commenting below with the types of posts or topics you might want to write about, and I’ll add you as a contributor to this WordPress site.
There is a separate Members-Only blog that contains resources about classes, applying to dietetic internships, and volunteer opportunities. It will also be a space for members to ask questions and communicate. As the name implies, you must join SDA to gain access! How to join? Come to one of our meetings and sign up. There is a membership fee, but you’ll get it back through all the food at meetings and priceless information.

Feedback is always welcome–comment below or e-mail me.


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