Update from Outreach Committee

Hey! SDA’s been on a bit of a hiatus, but Outreach had a couple of tabling events this month. Since I don’t think many people saw us on Sproul, here’s a summary of what we did. Thanks to those who helped us table!

Tues Nov. 8: Breakfast Ideas

Why leave home without breakfast when you can put together something in under 2 minutes?

In 30 seconds, you could have cereal mix in a bag. Just mix some Cheerios or bran flakes, dried cranberries and nuts.

In one minute, you can toast a piece of whole wheat bread and spread peanut butter on it. With a little more time, you can slice a banana or put other fruit on top. A wheat tortilla could work too!

In two minutes, you can add boiling water to instant oatmeal and again top with fruits and nuts. The fruits can be fresh, dried, even frozen.

If you have more time, consider…

-Bran flakes, yogurt & fruit

-Wheat tortilla, whole wheat bread or English muffin with fixings you have on hand (e.g. egg whites, hard boiled egg, tomato, ham, cheese, avocado…)


If we table with this again, we might feature some of those not-so-quick items and gather and display breakfast ideas from fellow students. We had someone stop by and suggest spinach and anchovies. Feel free to comment with your suggestions!

Wednesday, Nov. 9: Before and After a Workout

We happened to schedule this on a day of a protest, so we’ll be featuring this topic again in the future and develop this with more displays! But thanks to Outreach committee member Wen Hsin for putting together this poster. See http://www.espn.go.com/trainingroom/s/1999/1112/166818.html for more information.

We’ll be providing tips to college students about how to eat and stay healthy for finals! We plan on putting up some fliers around campus and posting here. Stay tuned. Happy Thanksgiving everyone 🙂


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