Stephanie Brooks, MS, RD

before you read, see previous post for introduction:

Stephanie Brooks graduated from 1991 from UC Berkeley in a combination Bachelor’s and dietetic internship program for nutrition and clinical dietetics. She then went on to San Jose State University for her master’s degree and also received a certificate in eating disorders from John F. Kennedy University. On her education, she says that “…Advance training in counseling and eating disorders… is a must when working with people. I’d do it this way again if available.”

She founded Bay Area Nutrition in 1999, which now has two branches in Campbell and Gilroy and includes 6 RD’s. In addition to providing nutrition therapy and presentations to individuals through her company, she does counseling for professionals and students.

Reflecting on her journey, she writes that she is where she is today “with a lot of hard work, family support and understanding and a passion for the profession… I started in clinical hospital work at an acute hospital where I learned a ton and felt that really paved a way for a good solid back bone in nutrition.” Research during grad school was enjoyable for the “challenge and creativity”, but she experienced “vacuum and isolation” and
learned early on that she preferred to “work with people and enjoyed helping them find healthier ways to take care of themselves”.

Stephanie specializes in eating disorders, pediatric feeding problems and food allergies. In her practice, she uses the “Non-Diet” approach to nutrition, instead emphasizing physical, emotional and spiritual needs. She also practices with the “Health at Every Size” philosophy, helping clients to “accept and find their natural size while creating a healthier relationship with food”.

“Complicated cases with complicated fragmented family situations, coupled with professionals who don’t want to work as a team”, can make the job challenging, as well as “insurance of other financial resources that limit the work needing to be done.” In spite of this, she remains passionate about counseling to reach “the Ah Ha moments where people get it, or feel better. How much work can the client do for [him or herself] and can the RD have the patience, counseling skill and tolerance to work with the client at the client’s pace to improve health? If so then a lot can be accomplished.”

Many thanks to Stephanie for answering my questions and giving me the permission to post this to share with you all!


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