Intro to Dietitian Interviews

I came across Stephanie Brooks’ nutrition consulting company, Bay Area Nutrition, when my friend from Cupertino did a search for dietitians in her area. We were chatting late into the night on AIM stressing out about having nothing to do in the summer, and she was half-jokingly looking up opportunities where she lived so that if I worked around there I could visit often. She sent me the link, so I browsed through the website out of curiosity. Seeing that Stephanie, the CEO, was an alumnus of UC Berkeley, I shoved the company somewhere in the recesses of my mind to dig back up later.

A few months later in the middle of the summer, I realized that I was on the brink of declaring the dietetics track but still did not know much about what I was getting into. A conversation during a late frozen yogurt run with a couple friends came around to the topic of the future, as often happens with college students. The friend the economics major was talking about how hard it was to make contacts and find someone to act as a mentor, and one thing she reminded me of that stuck afterwards was that it is difficult to figure it all out alone. The best thing to do, she said, was to find someone in the place that you want to get to and then ask them how to get there.

It was worth a shot. I wanted to hear stories from graduate students, dietetic interns, recent graduates, beginning professionals, seasoned professionals in research, clinical and public health environments. Getting started can be the toughest part of any endeavor, but I began with Stephanie.

Fast forward a few months to now, halfway through fall semester:

I didn’t get very far, but I’m opening it up to the Networking Committee and current and future members of SDA to help me out and take up the task! I’ll be posting my article on Stephanie to get us started. 🙂 You can write in an article format like I did, or use a Q&A format.


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