Mayra Cazares

Before I post about Mayra, our treasurer, I would like to remind you that you must pay your dues in order to be considered a member of SDA. $15 for the year, $10 for the semester. Perks: your e-mail on the listserv, eligibility to join a committee to get involved, chance to participate in events… the list goes on! I think there’s going to be a deadline soon, so watch out for it and bring cash to our next meeting, 10/24 where we’ll have Mikelle as a guest to discuss the dietetics program at Cal.

and now to Mayra:

1) One of the most interesting dietetics experiences that I had this
summer was having the opportunity to teach a summer nutrition course to a
group of elementary school children in Fruitvale.  This was an incredibly
rewarding experience, considering the fact that I was teaching a subject I
am very passionate about as well as working with an underserved community.

2) One of the most memorable experiences of my summer was having the
opportunity to visit my family in Georgia.  I have a very large family so
it is always nice to see them, since this happens quite rarely.  Also, who
doesn’t love getting out of California for a few days to experience life
on the other side of the country!  I was amazed by the difference!

3) Get involved with a club or any organization that you are truly
passionate about as soon as you can and stick with it.  This is a great
way to meet people with similar interests.  Trust me, it makes your
semester so much more enjoyable!  And, of course, make the best out of any
of your experiences and classes this semester, including the bad ones,
because college goes by fast and you don’t want to look back and have any


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