Carolina Blanco

Remember those choco oat cookies you tried several weeks back? They were made by External VP Carolina, the next officer to be featured:

1. What’s the most interesting dietetics related experience you have had? This summer or even before.

For the past two semesters I have been involved with a group on campus called DULCE. Through DULCE I have had the opportunity to table at the Healthy Hearts Obesity Clinic held at Oakland Children’s Hospital. The clinic is a step process and during the orientation phase of the clinic DULCE members show children and their parents sugar demos that represent the amount of sugar found in typical food and beverages. Most people are usually surprised by the measurements, and kids are often left speechless. I find tabling at Health Hearts most rewarding because it gives me the opportunity to interact with people who don’t have the resources to access some of the information we present them with. At the orientations parents have not enrolled their children in the clinic, and by being there with DULCE, I hope that we contribute to the parent’s decision to enroll their child and thus help them reach a healthy weight, and develop healthy eating habits.

2. What’s the coolest thing you did or place you visited this summer?

I spent my summer in Berkeley taking Bio1A/1AL so I didn’t have much time to do fun things. However, I did get to do a really cool rat dissection!

3. Words of advice as this semester kicks into high gear?

Don’t fall behind. The semester will get stressful, but as long as you stay on top of your studies and do your work, it will be manageable. Also, have some fun! Enjoy all the things Berkeley has to offer! These years go by very quickly!

4. How’d you make the cookies?

This is where I got the recipe for my cookies, the only things I changed was I substituted half the flour with almond meal, although the recipe said to substitute the oatmeal. Also, I did not use rolled oats, just plain ol’ quaker oatmeal. And last, I used light butter.

Tune in soon to learn about Mayra!


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